Cashew update 16.01.24

Date: 16th January 2024 Category: Latest News
Cashew update 16.01.24

Indian Cashews

Overall the export market remains quiet. However, SOUPARNIKA is seeing some increased demand from Middle East buyers, presumably for the Ramadan holiday that starts in early March. SOUPARNIKA has sold at $144 on W240 and $133 on W320 per carton, and is seeing additional demand.

There is some demand from the Kollam local market for premium quality W320 and we are also seeing continual demand from Delhi and other northern cities in India.

Vietnam Cashews

There have been requests for pricing from buyers, but firm interest hasn't been established as of yet. The crops in Vietnam and Cambodia are looking decent, with some Vietnam limited volumes expected before the Tet holiday. Good movement is expected during the first half of March.