Chilean Prunes Harvest Update 13.03.24

Date: 13th March 2024 Category: Latest News
Chilean Prunes Harvest Update 13.03.24

The recent plum harvest in Chile has marked a significant triumph in terms of exported volume, showcasing an impressive increase compared to the previous season. With a staggering export of 3,300 containers, a notable surge from the 2,600 containers exported in the preceding season, the yield has approximately 71,000 tons of fresh plums. This substantial volume accounts for roughly 25% of the total Chilean production, reflecting a robust performance in the global market.

Despite facing initial challenges such as a delayed start attributed to a colder spring season, the prune harvest in Chile has shown resilience. It began 10 to 15 days later than the usual timeframe but this delay was anticipated due to climactic factors. Nevertheless, the current status reveals promising volumes with favourable drying conditions, signalling a positive outlook for the ongoing harvest.

One noteworthy aspect is the good quality of the harvested fruit, despite encountering a lower sugar concentration during the initial stages of the harvest. This shows the meticulous care and attention to detail exercised by growers and producers throughout the cultivation and harvesting process.

Overall, the success of the plum harvest, coupled with the optimistic trajectory of the prune harvest, underscored Chile's prowess in the global agricultural landscape. It continues to solidify its position as a key player in the international market for prunes.

via La Palma