Chilean Prunes Market Update 10.04.24

Date: 10th April 2024 Category: Latest News
Chilean Prunes Market Update 10.04.24

Prunes Year-to-date shipments have been much like the 2022 season, with a slightly faster beginning at the start of the season. In proportion to the main volume, Chile is increasing the volume of unpitted prunes vs pitted prunes exports by 2%.

The primary market for pitted prunes in 2023 has been China and Germany, with an increase of 45% and 46% accordingly from the 2022 season. On the other hand, we can appreciate a decrease in Chilean exports of 41% to the United Kingdom and 36% to the United States compared to 2022.

We can also see a downward trend in the Poland market imports from Chile over the last three years. Opposite of this, we see an increase to the Australian market since 2021.

Regarding unpitted prunes during the 2023 season, Chilean exports to China have increased 64% from 2022. This means Chile exported over 5,000 tons more in 2023 than in 2022. The largest decrease in unpitted prunes exports has been to the United States and Brazil, with a diminution of 71% and 40% each.

In terms of the 2024 crop, the industry estimates 72,000 metric tons of available volume for this coming season. The mentioned number is an expected availability for the potential production of Chile. This year the harvest was delayed by two weeks in comparison to previous years, so the drying process should be ending in late March with the first shipments in April.

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