Chilean Prunes Market Update

Date: 23rd February 2021 Category: Latest News
Chilean Prunes Market Update

Since the weather for Chilean dried prunes has not been too favourable for new crops, practically all manufacturers/packers are waiting to sell new dried prunes.

After suffering a massive and truly unprecedented rain 8-14 days ago, because of several problems, Chilean producers are beginning to see the impact on the crop this year:

1- The rain itself causes the fruit to fall from the trees randomly (on the ground).

2- The fruit pressure dropped very quickly, hurting the harvest and the drying process; transporting and drying is really difficult because these soft fresh prunes are so easy to smash and split.

3- An immense amount of water was absorbed by the drying fields, which is obviously not ideal for drying the fruit either.

4- The current temperatures in Chile are also lower than average, which makes it harder to dry the fruit again.

Exact figures are not yet known, but quality will be an issue this season.