Cold Snap during Apricot bloom

Date: 27th March 2015 Category: Latest News
Cold Snap during Apricot bloom

The weather in Malatya continues to be cold with rain and snow, daytime temperatures of only 5 to 8 C which is 7 degrees below normal. There have 015been only mild frosts of 0 to –2 C over the past few days causing no visible damage, and tonight is forecast at –2 to –3 depending on the area. A degree or more colder than this and we will be in trouble.

We are approximately 40% in bloom, with the remainder of the trees expected to pop as soon as we get a couple of sunny days. It has been cold and wet to date regardless on any possible frost damage, far from ideal weather for pollination.

The colder weather has caused nervous short covering, and the apricot market has started to firm since the weekend.