Cranberries Market Information 28.06.24

Date: 28th June 2024 Category: Latest News
Cranberries Market Information 28.06.24

After a previous season with variable weather that impacted crop volumes from one region to another, the crop year 2024 seems more promising with a potentially more abundant harvest.

In Canada

After a season marked by variable weather that impacted crop volumes across different regions, the crop year 2024 holds promise for a potentially more abundant harvest. In Quebec, this winter brought unexpected warm spells that occasionally melted the ice on the fields, raising concerns among growers about the fragility of buds. However, the last frosts in April have stabilised the situation, and the fields are now in good condition.

A similar situation has been seen in New Brunswick and the Maritime provinces.

The organic farming sector faces a challenging season due to the strong presence of pest insects. Teams are actively working to manage this issue and minimise its impact on crops. Overall, the conditions are favourable for the start of pollination and the flowering period.

In the United States

In Massachusetts, the winter was relatively mild, but a significant snowfall event in February covered the bogs and brought seasonable temperatures for a portion of the month. Currently, temperatures remain stable, with no recent significant precipitation affecting the plants. If the summer remains mild, the harvest could surpass previous years.

Wisconsin, the largest cranberry-producing state, experienced potential damage from the cold months. However, some fields have shown signs of recovery, and the flowering period looks promising.

Market Situation

Following a year of low harvest, inventories could return to near normal if this fall's harvest meets expectations. The volume and processing capacities for 2024 should lead to a slight increase in the price of dried cranberries. An update on the situation will be published in September when forecasts are more precise. In the meantime, securing orders early with our sales team is recommended.

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