Cranberry and Blueberry Crop Report 05.06.24

Date: 5th June 2024 Category: Latest News
Cranberry and Blueberry Crop Report 05.06.24


The condition of cranberry fields shows some signs of damage with stems turning orange. This is most likely due to the limited snow coverage that melted a lot earlier than usual during spring. The cranberries are currently in their most fragile phase - the elongation stage. Should temperatures drop below 1°C it is imperative that the fields are protected. As the cranberry growth has started earlier than usual this year, growers have to be vigilant to avoid vegetative growth and keep on top of pest control.

The harvest expectations for October are looking to be average, given that the damaged areas won't significantly affect the overall yield.


Wild blueberry plants in Quebec are now in full bloom, a full week ahead compared to the previous year. This indicates a healthy progression towards the fruit set and the potential yield in August is estimated to be average. Weather conditions weren't optimal because of low snow coverage to help protect the plants but luckily this doesn't seem to have caused much of a negative impact for the time being. Despite temperature fluctuations at the end of May, frost damage risk is believed to be minimal. There may have been concern over pollination with a 40% death rate of bees over the winter, but activity is good.

Crop outlook for wild blueberries is positive with healthy blooms showing a promising start to the season. With continued good weather and conscious fruitset monitoring, this year should be a successful harvest.

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