Cranberry report, December 2022

Date: 19th December 2022 Category: Latest News
Cranberry report, December 2022

Quebec's Record Crop

The Canadian suppliers pulled in a record-breaking 2022 cranberry crop. According to the Quebec Cranberry Growers Association (APCQ), the total 2022 crop was 3.369 million barrels, and an increase of nearly 1.1 million barrels over the 2021 crop. The last time Quebec experienced a larger-than-expected crop was in 2016 at 2.76 million barrels. This crop was produced on 11,471 acres, up about 700 acres from Last year.

It's important to note that about 28% of the acres in Quebec are organic. This year, the organic crop was 12% larger than in 2021 and came in at 587,723 barrels. That would make the conventional harvest 2.781 million barrels, or about 68% larger than last year. In terms of yield per acre in 2022, organic was 181.5 barrels per acre, and conventional was 337.9 barrels per acre.

An extremely good bud set from last fall, as well as very favorable growing conditions and timely rains in 2022, contributed to the big crop. Congratulations to the Quebec cranberry industry for a bountiful year.


Cranberry Fun Facts

  • In 1994 the Cranberry was made the official state berry of Massachusetts

  • In 2003 the Cranberry was made the official state fruit of Wisconsin

  • Cranberry sauce in a can became a Thanksgiving staple across the country by 1941