Almond Crop Progress Report 06.11.23

Date: 7th November 2023 Category: Latest News
Almond Crop Progress Report 06.11.23

California's almond growers faced ongoing challenges due to adverse weather conditions while striving to complete the 2023 harvest.

Analysing the daily maximum temperatures during this time frame revealed a distinct pattern, as temperatures reacted to the passing weather systems and also showed the anticipated cooling at the end of the season. At the beginning of the month, temperatures were peaking at 30 degrees Celsius and gradually decreased to the low 20s by the end of October.

Mornings started off cold last month as well, beginning October at around 10 degrees and dropping down to -1 some mornings in California's colder regions.

Shorter days and sporadic rainfall meant that the workload growers and the risk of crop loss increased. Uneven ripening seen in the early harvesting continued in other varieties throughout the month which slowed down harvest pace. Slower drying of the hulls meant that huller/sheller operations could only operate at a production rate of 50-75% their normal working capacity.