Currants Market Update 13.02.24

Date: 13th February 2024 Category: Latest News
Currants Market Update 13.02.24

The past year has presented significant challenges for vine fruits, particularly impacting Mediterranean products due to unexpected crop damage. Among these, Greek Currants have faced considerable strain. Fortunately, a carryover from previous crops offered some relief, buffering the effects of diminished yields. Without this buffer, supplies of new crop fruit would have been depleted by now.

Although the majority of 2023 currants have already entered the market, growers are holding back limited quantities, anticipating further price increases. Despite the scarcity and elevated prices, exports have surged, surpassing previous year levels. This trend suggests that demand will continue to outpace supply until the arrival of the new crop in late September 2024.

Presently, prices fluctuate depending on the packer and the quality of the remaining fruit. However, there are no indications of price hikes abating anytime soon. As the industry navigates these challenges, strategic planning and adaptation remain crucial for all stakeholders involved.

via Couniniotis