Dehydrates from Thailand... report received from our supplier partner

Date: 3rd May 2018 Category: Latest News, Market Report
Dehydrates from Thailand... report received from our supplier partner

:- Pineapple:- main crop of pineapple has already finish. Raw material stable at low price and no shortage of pineapple and pineapple core for this year season. Some farmers decided not to grow second crop of Pineapple for May – June crop. This may push the raw material price to increase a little. However, we expect price should be stable until new season in October.

:- Papaya for colour added and Papaya natural, season is ended, our production manage to keep raw material for our demand. Expect no shortage for these papaya raw material this year. New season of Papaya natural red will be in October.

:- Mango, season is now and will last until early June. Raw material price is a little lower price compared to year 2017 with good crop.

For special Mango products (Premium Mango (juicy) and Mango no cane sugar added), please check your requirement and make advance booking with shipping period in order us to reserve raw material for our customers for these two special quality.

:- Coconut, raw material remain stable without shortage at this period.

:- Jackfruit, season is nearly finish. We manage to reserve raw material based on customer requirement from last year.

:- Ginger, our raw material in stock should be meet customer demand till new season start. Some shortage may be seen before new season in August if demand higher than our estimation.

:- Guava, raw material will be every 3-4 months. Shortage may be seen for some period.

:- Passion fruit, there will be two crop. First crop will be start from February and last till April and second season will be during June-early August.

:- Cantaloupe, Pomelo skin, Water melon, Winter melon, raw material available and price are stable.


Other factors which influence the pricing

:- Minimum wage cost in Thailand increase by 8.5% (from 300 THB/day to 325 THB/day) in our factory area and already affect in 1st April. This will be direct effect to our production cost as many process still need to be operated manually.

:- Energy price is now in uptrend. We will have to see its effect ie. production cost, transportation cost, freight cost, etc.

:- US Dollar still weak compare to Thai Baht and other major currencies.