Desiccated coconuts: attractive prices boost demand

Date: 28th March 2023 Category: Latest News
Desiccated coconuts: attractive prices boost demand

Mundus Agri: The market for desiccated coconuts and coconut oil will be confronted with several challenges this year. Low prices, high production costs, and volatile edible oil prices impacted trading in the first quarter.


Supplies running low

Prices reached a low point at the end of January and have only regained some ground since. This has boosted demand, and buyers continue to stock up. The trouble, however, is that energy and production costs have risen sharply. Last year's carry-in supplies are also running low and should be exhausted by June, which will certainly drive up prices.

The war in Ukraine coupled with the sanctions on Russia that have prompted the market for edible oils to turn highly volatile, will continue to dominate trading. Inflation and fiscal policies will also impact the market and consumer spending.