Dried Apple, Market Update

Date: 19th April 2023 Category: Latest News
Dried Apple, Market Update

Poland is one of the leading producers of apples in the world, with an annual production of around 4 million to 5 million tons of fresh apples. It is also the largest apple-growing country in the EU and the fourth largest in the world. Despite this, the average price for the raw material has remained almost the same over the past five to seven years.

However, there have been occasional frost incidents, especially in early May, that have affected apple production and prices. Despite these challenges, the situation in Poland is expected to be stable from an availability point of view.

The fresh market situation has undergone significant changes in recent years. The prices for fresh apples, which are used for further processing such as drying, have been high. The hope is that these high prices will not repeat this year.

The situation in Ukraine has also affected the global apple production process. The natural gas prices in Poland have gone up significantly, which has made the drying process more expensive. Despite this, the country has managed to survive this challenge.

The logistic business has also been impacted by changes in transport costs, mainly due to the increase in fuel prices. This has made it difficult for companies to transport their products efficiently and has resulted in higher costs for businesses.

In conclusion, Poland's apple production industry is facing several challenges, including frost incidents, high prices for fresh apples, and increased transport costs. However, the country's stable availability of apples and leading position in the global market provide opportunities for businesses to continue operating and adapting to changing market conditions.