Dried apricots: growers give in

Date: 10th November 2022 Category: Latest News
Dried apricots: growers give in

Mundus Agri. Turkish apricot farmers have realized that they cannot do business with their high commodity prices, so there have been price drops. The TMO has still not announced any base prices.

Farmgate prices decline...

The Turkish apricot market is still very quiet and there is hardly any demand. For this reason, exporters are in no hurry to replenish their stocks and are currently buying only what is necessary to cover their needs. This has led to further declines in commodity prices, as growers have now realised that they cannot do business with their high prices. Some concern is nevertheless spreading among farmers, and market players expect prices to fall further if demand does not pick up. The large crop volume of at least 100,000 mt also contributes its share.


... just like the export prices

The TMO has still not heard the pleas of farmers, who continue to wait in vain for base prices and are slowly losing hope that they will be announced soon.


Exports do not catch up.

Exports continue to lag behind those of last year. Last week, 2,273 mt of Turkish dried apricots and apricot products were shipped overseas, compared to 2,092 mt in the same week the previous year. Total exports since the beginning of the season are now 24,534 mt compared to 30,655 mt in the same period last year.