Dried apricots: prices are difficult to determine

Date: 23rd February 2023 Category: Latest News
Dried apricots: prices are difficult to determine

Mundus Agri. After the strong earthquake at the beginning of February, the clean-up work in Malatya is in full swing, and there is no thought of normality on the apricot market. There is also some uncertainty about the current prices.

No workers available

The Turkish province of Malatya is still struggling with the effects of the massive earthquake on 6 February, and it will be a long time before some degree of normality is restored. Although the factory buildings were in many cases less damaged than most of the residential buildings, there is no thought of a normal work routine at the moment. Although it is said that work is slowly resuming, it is proving difficult to find workers as most of the local market players have themselves been affected by the earthquake. Many have lost their homes and taken their families to safety in other provinces.


Export prices remain unchanged

Some buyers have reportedly tried to call off their outstanding orders earlier, but this is obviously not possible for the reasons mentioned and has led to price manipulation. It is difficult to at what level commodity prices are really trading; exporters have maintained their prices from last week for the time being.


Rain and snow forecast

The weather conditions are normal for this time of year, but according to official reports, there will be rain and snowfall throughout Turkey in the coming days. This further complicates the clean-up efforts in Malatya - 90% of the buildings here are said to be damaged or collapsed, plus aftershocks continue to occur. Support for the apricot market is currently offered mainly by companies in western Turkey, for example in Izmir and Aydin. They help the companies in Malatya to process their orders and organise exports.

Last week, Turkey shipped 851 MTof dried apricots and apricot products overseas, compared to 1,614 mt in the same week last year, almost twice as much. Total exports since the beginning of the season are 52,373 mt, compared to 55,967 mt in the same period last year.