Dried Apricots - Q1 Market Update

Date: 5th March 2021 Category: Latest News, Market Report
Dried Apricots -  Q1 Market Update

The sector is seeing more price rises due to a lack of availability for apricot raw material. Growers do not carry any raw materials to sell at the market. There are rumours that farmers no longer have significant raw material supply on hand, but only traders and exporters have raw material stock.

Traders and farmers are waiting until the end of April for the blooming season to see whether we will have to deal with inclement weather. We assume that if we are faced with inconvenient weather conditions during the blooming season, raw material prices will naturally rise.

On the other side, we're seeing a lot of the same things in the orchards as we were last year at this time. There hasn't been any negative growth on the trees as of yet.

  • Between 21.2.2021 and 27.2.2021, Turkey exported 1.625,271 MT of dried apricots on a weekly basis.

  • Between August 1st and February 27th, the total export quantity of Turkish dried apricots reached 57.392.081 KG. When comparing this year's export quantity to last year's value, you'll find that this year's export quantity is 9.078,96 MT lower than the previous year's due date.

On shipments, USA is taking first place (7.820 MT.) for dried apricots import from Turkey, second is France, and third is Germany.