Dried figs: capacities to be shared for months

Date: 23rd February 2023 Category: Latest News
Dried figs: capacities to be shared for months

Mundus Agri. Market players reckon that fig processors will have to make their capacities available to their colleagues from Malatya for at least another two months. Meanwhile, demand for dried figs remains modest.


Optimistic weather outlook

In the Turkish province of Aydin, temperatures increased significantly at the beginning of the week, reaching around 15-19°C during the day. Nevertheless, weather services forecast rain and snowfall for the coming days. In the mountain regions, it already snowed in the past weeks, which benefited the fig trees.

As in previous weeks, fig exporters continue to process apricot shipments in addition to their own products. Market players even expect many apricot processors in Malatya to resume work in two months at the earliest due to staff shortages. In the meantime, it has been reported that no more raw materials are available. Now, however, growers who still have good-quality raw figs are coming forward to dispose of these stocks. Originally they had hoped that the farmgate prices for this quality would rise, but now they are content with the TRY 60-65/kg at which the level has settled. Supplies, however, are limited, with market players estimating the quantity at 2,500 mt.

Meanwhile, the trend in the markets is that many buyers only plan for the short term and buy what they need at the moment. There is little interest in long-term contracts. 


Exports remain surprisingly stable

Exports of Turkish dried figs are surprisingly stable under the given circumstances. Last week, exports were 1,624 mt, compared to 1,776 mt in the same week last year. In total, 40,525 mt of dried figs and dried fig products have been exported from Turkey since the beginning of this season, which is 785 mt more than this time last year.