Dried figs: cool temperatures threaten crop

Date: 24th May 2023 Category: Latest News
Dried figs: cool temperatures threaten crop

Mundus Agri. The 40th International Nut and Dried Fruit Congress is being held in London this week, where crop estimates for various nuts and dried fruit are also being discussed. Meanwhile, the market is not entirely carefree about the coming season.

Wait and see

As in many other areas of Turkey, the weather in the fig region of Aydin remained cool and cloudy for longer than average. There are no signs of negative effects yet, but this can only be said with certainty after the pollination phase, when the fruit sets develop. Even now, it does not get warmer than 22-31°C during the day and it is mostly cloudy with occasional rain showers.

Prices could rise soon

The run-off elections in Turkey remain a drastic factor in many areas and are slowing down trading activities. Otherwise, the Turkish dried fig market has little to offer at the moment. Prices remain stable, although this could change after the elections.

Since the beginning of this season, 57,155 mt of dried figs and dried fig products have been exported from Turkey, compared to 54,228 mt in the same period last year. However, weekly exports have declined recently, last week exports were 952 mt, compared to 1,163 mt in the same week last year.