Dried figs: exports return to normal

Date: 21st March 2023 Category: Latest News
Dried figs: exports return to normal

Mundus Agri. After the hike experienced in the run up to Ramadan Turkey's dried figs exports have now returned to more normal levels. Although it has rained, growers are very much concerned about irrigation.


Drought to impact yields

Although weather conditions have improved in Turkey's fig-producing regions and growers have welcomed the recent rains, concerns persist as precipitation is still, generally speaking, too low. The lack of rain may very well reduce this year's production, but it is still too early for an an exact assessment.



Ramadan and elections impact trade

Although exports surged in the run up to Ramadan, which starts on 23 March, sales have now been concluded, and shipments have returned to normal levels again. This should last for a few weeks. Traders and exporters hold most stocks, whereas producers have nearly sold their entire supplies. The elections, which will be held on 14 May, will also prove decisive, especially for exchange rates. The Turkish lira is presently trading weak.


Good export performance

Weekly exports are nearly on par with last year as Turkey shipped 1,248 mt of dried figs and related products overseas as of 12 March, only 5 mt less than in the same week last year. Total exports for the season range higher than last year at 45,132 MT.