Dried figs: growers are cautiously optimistic

Date: 8th April 2022 Category: Latest News
Dried figs: growers are cautiously optimistic

After the cold temperatures in March, the weather conditions in the growing areas of Aydin are now favorable. Farmers expect a good crop in terms of quality and quantity.

Further frost is possible

Weather conditions in the growing areas of Aydin have meanwhile calmed down again. After the cold temperatures and frosty nights in March, market players there are now reporting pleasantly warm conditions. Growers expect the crop to be convincing in terms of both quality and quantity. However, caution is still advised, as the risk of further frosts cannot be ruled out. (Mundus-Agri)

Ramadan slows trade

Weekly exports are currently rather sluggish, although it should be noted that Ramadan has largely halted trade activities in general. Last week, Turkey exported 697 kg of dried figs and fig products, compared to 1,000 kg in the same week last year. Since the beginning of the season, total exports amount to 47,147 mt compared to 49,465 mt in the same period last year, although the 2020/21 export season started a week earlier.

Prices mostly down

Meanwhile, the Aegean Dried Fruits and Products Exporters' Association continues to support farmers and improve the quality of dried figs. For example, free insect traps are being distributed to producers, which started to be used from April onwards and should lead to a larger crop volume.(Mundus-Agri) 

Export prices for Turkish dried figs show a slight decline compared to last week, only the Lerida, no 1 variety has become more expensive.