Dried Figs, hail could delay fruit formation

Date: 15th June 2022 Category: Latest News
Dried Figs, hail could delay fruit formation

Many regions in Turkey were again affected by rain and hail storms last week, including Aydin, the most important growing area for Turkish dried figs. Market players are worried about the new crop.

Last week, the precipitation in the growing regions intensified once again. Once again, there were rainfalls and hailstorms, but unlike the week before, there might now have been some damage. The trees need much milder temperatures to set fruit - other fruits, such as apricots, are also experiencing harvest delays due to the uncharacteristically low temperatures. Farmers are making the necessary preparations so that the trees can form fruit. At the same time, market players are worried about yields because while the rainfall and the accompanying cooler temperatures were a welcome change for a short time, the change in weather now poses a risk to the crop. Offers are only available from traders who have goods in stock. For this reason, export prices for individual varieties have increased significantly this week depending on the variety and supplier. There may also be noticeable price variations. (Mundus - Agri) 


Weekly exports exceed last year's level

Dried fig exports from Turkey, primarily for long-term contracts, continue to exceed last year's level. Last week, 1,152 mt of dried figs and dried fig products were shipped overseas, about 190 mt more than in the same week last year. Since the beginning of the season, the export volume amounts to 57,801 mt, a good 1,000 mt less than this time last year. It should be noted that the 2020/2021 season started about two weeks earlier than the current marketing year. (Mundus-Agri)