Dried Figs, Harvest Update, 05.09.2022

Date: 5th September 2022 Category: Latest News
Dried Figs, Harvest Update, 05.09.2022

Both average prices and quantities were quite similar for 2020 and 2021 crops. In 2021, a 3,9% price increase resulted in a 3,6% decrease in quantity. On the other hand, for the local consumption (considered to be around 8K-10K MT), we can say that the crop estimations were properly done.

Regarding the 2022 crop, the weather conditions were favourable and sufficient precipitation during critical periods resulted in an excellent yield until August 20."

After our studies in mid-August, we were expecting an all-time record crop, around 100K-120K MT, but today a significant part of this quantity became industrial grade. After this date, extremely humid weather and west winds coming from the seaside and morning dew have changed all the conditions and vice-versa. Unfortunately, the current situation is quite disappointing.


Harvest Update :

- 20% - 30% harvested good quality

- 40% - 50% were affected by unfavourable weather conditions and became industrial quality

- 20% - 30% unmatured fruits on the trees, uncertain what will happen

The exporters lost control of the market. In addition, the inflationary environment in Turkey (producers’ price index is 145%) put the exporters in big trouble in new crop pricing.