Dried Figs Market Report 10.06.24

Date: 10th June 2024 Category: Latest News
Dried Figs Market Report 10.06.24

The dried fig sector has experienced remarkable growth in recent years, driven by increasing consumer awareness of the numerous health benefits and versatile culinary applications of dried figs. As a nutrient-dense superfood, they have become a popular choice among health-conscious consumers and food enthusiasts alike. This surge in demand is reflected in the expanding market opportunities, making dried figs a staple in both traditional and contemporary recipes worldwide.

In 2023, Türkiye exported 58,593 tons of dried figs generating a revenue of $209,323,256 USD. In comparison, the export volume in 2024 was slightly lower at 54,876 tons but revenue totalled $249,197,850 USD. This showcases a positive trend, and the market's ability to maintain profits even with fluctuations. The economic landscape in Türkiye is being influenced by two key factors at the moment. Inflation is impacting production costs and pricing strategies, but Central Bank Policies are making efforts to stabilise the Turkish Lira against the US Dollar. This is crucial for maintaining export competition.

Pest control and Pollination

Some regions are currently experiencing an infestation of Meditteranean fruit flies, which poses a risk to the fig trees. Farmers are actively addressing the issue with regular monitoring and safe insecticides to ensure the health of the trees. By staying vigilant and proactive, the threat of these flies can be mitigated and the production of high-quality figs will continue.

The pollination period for figs is crucial for ensuring the highest quality yield, and this season's pollination is underway. Proper pollination is vital for the development of high-quality figs, affecting size, taste, and nutritional value. Ensuring maximum efficiency and effectiveness is key to a successful and robust crop that meets international quality standards.

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