Dried Figs, Market Update 04.05.2023

Date: 4th May 2023 Category: Latest News
Dried Figs, Market Update 04.05.2023

Mundus Agri. Sufficient rainfall and moderate temperatures in the past weeks were good conditions for a high-yield fig crop. However, market players emphasise that there may still be problems until the end of the drying period.

The mood is still good

The Aydin region enjoys the best conditions for a good fig production this year. Regular rainfall has provided the trees with sufficient moisture and temperatures are appropriate for the season, with 23-26°C during the day and a moderate 9-15°C at night. Nevertheless, these good conditions are no guarantee for a quantitative and qualitative good crop. The drying period in particular can bring heavy losses with too much rainfall in late autumn.

Currently, however, the focus of market players is on the upcoming elections in Turkey. Prices are stable for the time being and corrections are likely to be the result of exchange rate fluctuations only.



Weekly exports show a clear deficit

Last week 1,072 mt of dried figs and dried fig products were exported from Turkey, about 700 mt less than in the same week last year. Despite this decline, this season's exports are respectable, with 54,081 mt exported since the beginning of the marketing year, compared to only 51,658 mt this time last year.