Dried figs: producers panic over prices

Date: 19th October 2022 Category: Latest News
Dried figs: producers panic over prices

Mundus-Agri:  Although the recent slump in farmgate prices has left producers very worried, the situation is expected to change soon. Turkey is not quite on track to meeting its ambitious export targets for dried figs this season.

Exports not quite as good as last year

According to Aegean Exporters' Association Turkey shipped a total of 70,647 mt of dried figs worth USD 258 million overseas in 2021/2022. Turkey accounts for 60% of global exports, with destinations in 120 countries. Europe bought 51% of the volumes shipped from Turkey. For 2022/2023 Turkey has set the ambitious target to export 75,00 mt of dried figs worth USD 300 million.

Exports are, however, presently lagging behind this season, which officially started on 7 October. Turkey shipped 4,580 mt of dried figs and related products overseas in the first week of the present season, whereas exporst ranged at a higher 5,738 mt in the fist week of 2021/2022, which only started one day earlier. Although total exports have climbed to 7,857 mt this season so far, they still range lower than last year's 8,642 mt.

No need to worry about price slumps

Farmgate prices slumped to TRY 55-70/kg, which stirred quite a bit of panic amongst growers. Prices should rise again as soon as they start buying again and growers are urged to be patient. Yet, it should be noted that the exporters still have to make space for the new crop in their warehouses as they are still busy fulfilling contracts for 2021/2022. Since many exporters are attending the SIAL in Paris, trading has been largely subdued in the last few days.