Dried figs: production could increase by 15-20%

Date: 11th July 2022 Category: Latest News
Dried figs: production could increase by 15-20%

Mundus-Agri:  Good weather makes the figs thrive in the Turkish growing regions. The outlook for the coming crop is optimistic. Due to the low supply, there may be significant price differences.

Confident outlook

Favorable weather conditions in the growing regions allow the figs to thrive optimally after pollinating the fruit set. The warmer weather is making a decisive contribution. The fruits are developing well, and market players consider a production increase of 15-20% compared to last year possible under ideal conditions. In the 2021/2022 season, 75,000 mt of dried figs had been produced in Turkey, so the potential for the coming season would be at least 85,000-90,000 mt. Price indications are unchanged compared to last week, but free positions are hardly available in the market. 



Weekly exports decline

Weekly exports are currently behind those of last year again, with 747 mt of dried figs and dried fig products shipped overseas last week. In the same week last year, by contrast, 897 mt were exported. The coming week is also expected to be quiet due to the declared holiday week for the Feast of Sacrifice. In total, 60,172 mt have been exported since the beginning of this season, compared to 61,603 mt this time last year.


Source: (https://www.mundus-agri.eu/news/dried-figs-production-increase-15-20.n28959.html)