Dried Mulberries: demand remains absent

Date: 23rd September 2022 Category: Latest News
Dried Mulberries: demand remains absent

Mundus-Agri: Since the beginning of August, the new mulberry crop is available in the Turkish market. However, demand is restrained, which also affects prices.


Prices come under pressure.

The new season did not start as hoped in the Turkish mulberry market. According to market players, the hoped-for high demand has not materialized. The new crop has been available on the market since the beginning of August, and initially, farmgate prices had risen. However, the lack of buying interest caused growers to reduce their prices again despite high production costs. Market players hope that demand will increase until the turn of the year.


Disappointing exports

About 4,000 mt of mulberries were harvested in Turkey this year. In August, exports were only 122.3 mt worth USD 431,360, significantly less than in the same month last year. In August 2021, 181.1 mt worth USD 584,360 had been exported. September, the first month of the 2022/2023 export season, has also been significantly weaker year-on-year so far.