Dried mulberries: high prices and low sales

Date: 17th January 2023 Category: Latest News
Dried mulberries: high prices and low sales

Mundus Agri. Turkey's dried mulberry exports have declined sharply. Local prices have, by contrast, more than doubled.

The price surge in Turkey

Cold weather in spring last year impacted Turkey's mulberry crop. As fresh mulberry production declined by 40-50% dried mulberry production fell from 8,000 mt in 2021 to 4,000 mt in 2022. While industrial buyers purchased around 50% of this volume, only around 2,000 mt were sold in the trading market. Producers and local traders have sold nearly their entire supplies, and the exporters now hold the most significant volumes.

These developments prompted the local prices for dried mulberries to more than double. The export prices also rose by around 30%. 

Slump in exports

Turkey exported as little as 577,344 kg of dried mulberries between August and December, which is 27% down on last year's 789,357 kg.