Dried sour cherries: disappointingly low sales

Date: 19th October 2022 Category: Latest News
Dried sour cherries: disappointingly low sales

Mundus-Agri: While exports performed well in 2021/2022, matters are quite different this year. Germany is the most important export destination for Turkey's dried sour cherries and has cut imports sharply.

Slump in exports

Demand is sluggish for dried fruits from Turkey. Dried sour cherry traders had hoped for better sales as last season was quite good. Troubles are the current economic uncertainties and the energy crisis in Europe. This has prompted EU to cut imports. Turkey, in fact, only shipped as little as 250 kg of dried sour cherries to Germany between 01 August and 13 October, which is a sharp cut on the 21,144 kg shipped in the same period last year.

Russia is the leading producer by far as this year's production is estimated at 254,800 kg. Turkey is next in line with production ranging at 189,184 kg, followed by Ukraine with 174,630 kg, Serbia with 165,738 kg and Poland with 153,100 kg. The export prices for the new crop declined in Turkey at the start of August.