February Market Report - Apricots

Date: 8th February 2021 Category: Latest News
February Market Report - Apricots

There is still a strong demand for the raw material, but farmers are hesitant to put the raw material to market for sale. On the other hand, for the month of February, we have higher temperatures relative to the average degrees of recent years.

In addition, because of the approach to the Ramadan period, everyone is searching for raw material to purchase. Less accessibility to the availability of raw materials triggers daily price rises.

To be sure of more developments in weather conditions, the growers are persuaded to wait until the blooming season in spring time.

A total of 1.701 MT of dried apricots are exported weekly from Turkey between 31.1.2021 and 06.2.2021.

The total export quantity of Turkish apricots was 51,714,968 KG from 1 August 2020 to 6 February. If you equate the export quantity of this year with the amount of the previous year, you will find that the export quantity of this year is 8.401,479 MT. Less than the due date of last year.

The USA (6,896 MT.) is first when importing dried apricots from Turkey, the second is France, and the third is Germany.