Hazelnut Brief Market Update – March 2022

Date: 15th March 2022 Category: Latest News
Hazelnut Brief Market Update – March 2022

Over the weekend, Turkey saw some frosty conditions in many parts of the country. Most growing regions do not seem to be massively affected directly, although there is some concern for regions of less than 200m in altitude. Some areas had some snow fall, which settled for a short period of time before melting and then turning to an icy layer over the crop. Snow usually acts as an insulating layer from any major frost during cold weather, so as this wasn’t the case this year it does raise small concerns that it could affect final crop yield.

From last weeks flower count, crop is estimated so far as follows:

Eastern Black Sea – 547,000 inshell Tons

Western Black Sea – 243,000 inshell Tons

This gives a total estimated crop yield so far in Turkey of 790,000 inshell Tons. The next crop estimate will be conducted in May, when the flowers start to become fruit.

Chilean crop is so far estimated to be around 55,000 inshell Tons for 2022 crop.