Hulled Sesame Seed update

Date: 29th April 2015 Category: Latest News
Hulled Sesame Seed update

UPDATE on Hulled Sesame Seed:---

The prices of Hulled Sesame Seed started dropping from US$ 2000 PMT CFR EMP in month of February 2015. The prices stopped at around US$ 1800 PMT towards end of March 2015. Around beginning of April The availability of the Raw Material tapered off suddenly. At around the same time Koreans came out with a Tender to buy 8000 Mts of Natural Sesame Seed. Indian exporters were awarded contracts for 5500 Metric Tons of Natural Sesame seed at prices. As a result Raw Material prices started going up.

The prices of Hulled Sesame Seed went  northwards to a level of about US$ 1925-1950 PMT CFR EMP. The demand from the customers was still bleak hence small volumes were traded.

As of now, Gujarat summer crop of Sesame Seed is expected to harvest around 15th May 2015. It is estimated that the crop size would be around 35-40,000 Metric Tons. Another important factor is Foreign Exchange. As you would know that US$ has become stronger against all the currencies including Indian Rupee. hugh

Considering all the important factors, the current price of Hulled Sesame Seed Premium Grade would be US$ 1850 PMT CFR Felixstowe for May 2015 shipment.

This in our opinion is a good price to consider buying. We are of the view that Hulled Sesame Seed prices will either remain around this level or may go up as and when we see a demand from the customers.

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