July Seeds Market Update...

Date: 2nd July 2015 Category: Latest News
July Seeds Market Update...


The current crop is all but sold out in China.055

New crop will arrive about end November earliest this year as the plantings were delayed in Northern China  due to heavy  rain in March/April.

Plantings  have been good this year but  it is too early  to know how the new crop  will look – later in August we will have the  first ideas.

All depends on the weather  in the coming months , demand domestically in China is very  high  especially  for December onwards  for  the New year  celebrations/holidays.

As per  last year some  exporters are worried that Speculators will get involved in the  market again and  we  may see prices move up  again .



Bakery  grade

The market in Bulgaria  has tightened up in the last few weeks as processors  scramble for the last remaining current  crop material  to fulfil their existing contract. We are unable to purchase any more current crop at the moment.

New crop  is expected to be shipped mid/end September this year so we feel that  stocks here and in mainland Europe will be very short until October 15.

A good crop is expected  as plantings were up but demand for oilseed sunflower is also  up so we don’t see any major downward movement in the foreseeable future.


China is still very competitive against USA origin at the moment. Feel prices are currently very  attractive and the fact that a lot of farmers in China have planted pumpkin this year instead of sunflower  may signify that the  sunflower market is near  its  bottom.



Prices in India are quite volatile at the  moment, depending on demand ,recently a large tender from Korea  for 8000 mt of natural sesame  pushed the market back up after  several weeks of it being soft. New crop is not until end October /early November so feel that  prices are not likely to drop much  at least until the new crop tonnage is known in  Autumn.



Both  brown and yellow are historically very low at the moment with plentiful supply. Would suggest  taking cover  at least until October/November 2015.


Hulled  Milletpoppy

Prices a have edged up a bit in the USA with increased demand lately. New crop will not be available until October at the earliest  so advise taking cover.


Poppy seeds

Levels have  stabilised  and supply is plentiful so would suggest taking some  cover  up to October 2015.