Latest market report on Turkish Apricots received from our partners BER Gida

Date: 29th June 2015 Category: Latest News, Market Report
Latest market report on Turkish Apricots received from our partners BER Gida

As expected, maturation of Apricots delayed in Malatya . Although it is end of June we recently started to see Fresh Apricots in the market from the North East .

We have argued in our previous reports; we expect main Dried Apricot delivery to the market in  Augustapricots3

Malatya is never an important fresh apricots supplier but fresh apricots prices can be used as a good indicator for dried apricots prices. This season growers are extremely reluctant to sell their products fresh unless it goes at very high prices. It looks that they are quite sure that Dried prices will make them happy. Due to the high price expectations it is very likely that growers will do their best to keep their produce as long as possible. Increasing markets is a common belief among the growers and this may create a remarkable shortage during entire season .

We must take into account that, Government will subsidize the farmers due to their crop losses. By the help this support growers will have sufficient cash to keep their stock longer. It will not be easy to convince them to sell their apricots.

At the moment, fruit is clearly visible on the trees and we can surely say that in  Crop 2015 season  we will have mostly Size # 3 and bigger sizes . It will be very difficult to find small sizes .

We estimate that good quality small sizes will go at a premium and this will effect prices of all sizes. When growers see that small sizes are being sold at certain prices, they will ask higher prices for their big sizes as well.

Small size and big size price difference will not be so big but we believe  all sizes will be pricey.

Due to the rains and hail in the last two months, major growing areas are heavily damaged. SpecBER Gida Logokled and hail damaged berries will be much more than previous seasons.

Price difference between good quality and bad quality will be big, bigger than usual.