Latest Official Exporters Union Turkish Vine Fruit Crop Estimation Announcement released...

Date: 6th August 2015 Category: Latest News, Market Report
Latest Official Exporters Union Turkish Vine Fruit Crop Estimation Announcement released...

The committee of the official survey group exporters union as announced  their report as 2015 crop Turkish Dry Raisins / Sultanas is estimated at 196.000 mt.

This is pure estimation , but last year they estimate 328.000 mt. And now, we already reached to 322.000 mt.ingredients2

So, it is nearly %100 accuracy. So, I believe them. New crop, will be %40 less than last year.

Presume nearly  25-35.000 mt carry over will be available.

But these stocks are  in the hands of “hard sellers” which they don’t want to sell but wait.


On the following days before the harvest they will make one last tour around the region to see the final situation at the vineyards before the harvest.

Please keep in mind that, due to the fact that there is no homogeneity in the vineyards it is very difficult to make an accurate estimation this year.

Big variances are observed within the vineyards of the same region. Within the different rows in the same vineyards and even within the same rows different trees are showing big variances.

2 days ago, there was a heavy Summer rain at vine- yards. Also weather forecast expect rain this weekend. Hopefully  these rains will not damage the fruit on bunches.

Harvest, did not started yet. We expect in 10 days, it will start. This means, crop is .. this year about 1 week late.

The market is calm but prices are firm.DSC04747 - Kopya

Everyone  waiting new crop arrivals.

Presume , opening price can be around 2.300-  2.400.- US Doll Fob Pmt. But we will wait and see afterwards.Due to a difficult year, at 22-23 August  2015 a small survey group  will go to fields once more second time for to make double –check of this announced crop size. It will be more accured to have  this figures  at 24 August 2015.

We will follow the situation very closely and update you about the last developments.