Lentils Update 17.02.24

Date: 17th February 2024 Category: Latest News
Lentils Update 17.02.24


The lentil market maintains significant firmness, with prices holding at historically high levels.


The estimated production domestically stands at around 15KT. Recent data from Terres Univia indicates a consistent decline in lentil-planted areas since 2019, reaching a 23% decrease by 2022. With the sector experiencing a fourth consecutive poor harvest in 2023, its sustainability- particularly in light of Canadian production with its favourable conditions- is increasingly uncertain.


Canada holds a near-monopoly status in green lentil exports. According to StatCan, production in 2023 totalled 1,671MT (including Red and Green lentils), marking a 27% decrease compared to 2022's 2,298MT. Red lentils comprise 1,108MT, large Green lentils 321KT, Eston-type green lentils 208KT, and other lentils 33KT. Demand remains robust, particularly as Indian growers pivot from pigeon peas to green lentils to address production deficits. Stock reports are anticipated to approach near-zero levels leading up to the new harvest. Vigilant monitoring of weather conditions in Saskatchewan will be crucial.

There appears to be little hope for a short to medium-term decrease. Only a substantially large harvest from Canada coupled with a withdrawal od Indian buyers could potentially prompt a market correction downward, although this scenario seems improbable.

via Ciacam