Macadamia Nuts, Market Report June - 2022

Date: 8th June 2022 Category: Latest News
Macadamia Nuts, Market Report June - 2022

This year’s crop

The largest origins are harvesting their macadamia crop now. The INC (International Nut Council) is estimating that this year’s crop will amount to 270.000- 275.000MT in-shell. This will mean more than 10% increase. Australia had to revise their forecast with – 5.000MT to 49.000MT due to rains and flooding. The South African region continues to grow with more than 10% and will reach over 60.000MT in 2022. The fragmented Kenyan production is also growing, as is their processing industry. The estimated crop of Kenya will reach around 42.000MT. An upcoming region is Vietnam with an estimate crop in 2022 of 7.700MT. The INC estimates that the current crop could double in the coming eight years. (


The China Crop

It is reported that China will have an huge crop this year. The crop is estimated the reach 50.000MT. At this rate it will only take one or two years before China will be the biggest producing origin. Although there are concerns about the quality, this enormous growth will impact the export of in-shell macadamias from South Africa and Australia the most.



Inflation is effecting every segment of the nut-industry. Some say that Macadamia’s will be effected less than other nuts. The already high price of Macadamia’s will rise less in % and the expected huge crop will normally result in a lower price. This will bring the price of macadamia’s a bit closer to the price of other Treenuts.


Byers reactions

With the uncertainty due to the economic situation, covid in China and war in Ukraine most buyers of broken macadamia’s are buying hand-to-mouth. This seems wise specially when we look at this big crop. More and more markets are using macadamia (pieces) as ingredients and we expect all the macadamia’s to find their way to the consumer. (