Macadamias: Harvest in Australia Almost Complete

Date: 7th September 2022 Category: Latest News
Macadamias: Harvest in Australia Almost Complete

Mundus-Agri: After the devastating storms and floods at the beginning of the year, Australia's harvest is almost complete. The quality is convincing, and the growers are also satisfied with the crop quantity considering the difficult conditions.


Crop forecast confirmed

In the current crop estimate of the Australian Macadamia Society (AMS), the organization confirms the forecast from the end of May, according to which the total Australian production this year will amount to 49,340 mt of inshell macadamias (3.5% moisture content). The original estimate of 54,930 mt had been revised at the end of April when severe storms and resulting flooding in New South Wales and Queensland caused crop damage. Harvesting was delayed in some growing regions, such as the hard-hit Northern Rivers region, but conditions have improved significantly in recent months. “Fortunately, sustained dry weather in the Northern Rivers in June and July has allowed growers to get back onto their orchards, and harvest activity in this region has really ramped up,” says Clare Hamilton-Bate, who has replaced Jolyon Burnett as CEO of the AMS.


Results by the end of December

Current indications are that about 90% of the harvest has been completed so far, including in the main growing region of Bundaberg, which accounts for about 46% of Australia's macadamia crop. Hamilton-Bate reports an excellent harvest overall. “Across Queensland, generally crop yield is up. The increase in the crop from Bundaberg is in line with expectations, given new plantings in recent years in this region. This is a pleasing result, especially considering the severe weather and very challenging conditions many growers have faced.” The final crop figures are due to be announced in December.