Market Update: Dried Figs

Date: 27th April 2022 Category: Latest News
Market Update: Dried Figs

AYDIN. As production costs are on the rise farmers may very well use less fertilizers and pesticides, which will certainly not only drive up the market prices for dried figs but also impact this year's crop. Suppliers are happy with the current export performance.


Mixed temperatures

Daytime temperatures are warm and the nights are cold, intermittent rain is also witnessed in the Aegean. Conditions are, in other words, ideal for the fig trees and give rise to encouraging prospects for the quality of this year's production. Growers will also start irrigating the orchards in May. Although drought should not present a challenge this year, the Aydin Commodity Exchange is concerned over the rising costs for fuel, fertilizers and pesticides and seeds, which will prompt many producers to cut back on these products and will certainly adversely impact yields. (Mundus-Agri)


Weekly exports are up

At 1,272 mt Turkey's weekly exports of dried figs and related products recently ranged 15% higher than the 1,106 mt shipped overseas in the same week last year. Total exports have, however, only reached 50,288 mt this season so far, which is nearly 5% less than last year. Yet, it should be noted that the current export season started two weeks later than last year. (Mundus-agri)