May Almond Shipments +139.6 million lbs *Position Report*

Date: 12th June 2015 Category: Latest News, Market Report
May Almond Shipments  +139.6 million lbs *Position Report*

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YEAR TO DATE SHIPMENTS:   +1.539 Billion pounds compared to  +1.652  billion pounds last year for a decrease of 6.83%.almond2

CROP RECEIPT:   Are at  1.886  billion pounds and last year was at 2.007 billion pounds for a decrease of 7%.

NET NEW SALES: The new sales during the month of May were 105 million pounds.

OVERALL: Crop is down 7% and shipments are off 6.83% so both are basically in balance at this time.

JUNE SHIPMENTS:  The shipments look slightly stronger than last year at this time.

CURRENT CROP:  With the continued strong shipments our ending carry out continues to be depleted.

NEW CROP:  The Objective Estimate will be announced on July 1. Most are predicting a crop in the range of 1.85 to 1.90 billion pounds. Chris Wilding


The Almond Board released its May 2015 Industry Position Report today, shipments for the month were 139.6 mil lbs versus 143.7 mil lbs in May 2014. Uncommitted inventory is 290 mil lbs versus 329 mil. US shipments were down, 52.35 versus 54.64 mil lbs. Exports were 87.25 mil vs. 89.1 mil.. India (7.46mil vs. 5.96 mil) and China/Hong Kong (3.14 mil vs. 2.73 mil) continue to be strong. Europe was slightly down (-6%) and the Middle East (+3%) was slightly up.

Current Crop: In the past month sellers have become more aggressive on large size NP and Carmel's, currently offers for 20/22 and 27/30 (if you can find them) are separated by .03-.05/lb. Domestic, Middle East and European markets have been inconsistent, as buyers only cover exactly what they need to get through to new crop. India has finally slowed down, as the high shipping figures we have seen for the last 3 months shipments make their way into the local markets. China/Hong Kong has been the exception, as buyers attempt to purchase what little remains of inshell inventory.

New Crop: Demand is strong from all major markets with limited offers from CA as fear over water availability and inconsistent NP crop increases. Recent trades on new crop are at or slightly above current crop levels.

Moving forward, much like last year, we expect offers to continue to "trickle" out through the fall,  as sellers avoid offering larger blocks. This is to the dismay of large users who prefer to contract large quantities at one price, rather than patch together smaller quantities at varying prices throughout the year. This behaviour could cause prices to remain firm for the foreseeable future.

Position report

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