New Crop Cranberry Update

Date: 13th November 2019 Category: Latest News
New Crop Cranberry Update

As the cranberry crop draws to completion, it is no surprise to most people that the crop has come in a lot smaller than expected. Nearly all growing regions in north America are down. Most affected being Wisconsin, it has been rumored that the crop is approximately 25% off of the estimate. That’s more than 1 Million barrels less than expected in just one state. The reasons for this loss are mainly down to the cold and wet weather creating & overall poor growing conditions.

Poor growing conditions have also impacted Quebec. The crop is also down significantly, with the worst affected being the Organic crop.

The fruit size has also been acknowledged as small leading to may good quality berries not making it into the bin because of their small size. Although ones that did are still considered smaller than what you expect 'typical'. The above is good indicator of why the crop volume was less than expected. Better news is the quality does appear to be good, although this is just indicative & will be made clearer when the new crop starts being processed.

As expected, this is already having an impact on pricing.  Concentrate pricing has already moved up to $16.00 per gallon (up from around $14.00).