New Crop Pumpkin Plantings

Date: 13th May 2015 Category: Latest News
New Crop Pumpkin Plantings

Today sees high prices on the market for current crop 2014, and now, farmers have starting planting.  For sale pumpkin seed, shine skin seed has increased by 30% planting, compare with last year, shine skin seed planting area is more than a lot of the GWS planting areas, reasons are as follow;service1

1/ shine skin seed have high output compare with GWS, economic benifit is higher than GWS
2/ shine skin seed have big domestic market for roasting and this demand is also on an increasing trend this year to replenish the lack of availability of watermelon seed.

So, we think, although shine skin seed planting area will increase this year, from May to Sep, there is lack of stock for both china and export, after new crop harvest, price will be not cheap at the beginning.  We suggest , not to rush in and purchase stock materials at the beginning , high risk, just have order to book it.
Meanwhile, shine skin seed price will affect GWS price, sometimes, they can replace each other, if shine skin seed increase, GWS will follow, opposite, if fall down, GWS also.


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