Pecan Overview North America 01.12.23

Date: 1st December 2023 Category: Latest News
Pecan Overview North America 01.12.23

United States pecan

The early-season varieties of pecan in New Mexico and Arizona have encountered delays caused by higher temperatures. Growers are anticipating cooler weather and the first freeze in early December to facilitate the shaking process. Texas and Oklahoma are grappling with substantial challenges due to wet weather following an extended drought period. As a consequence, harvesting has been sporadic, leading to both crop loss and deterioration.

Despite these obstacles, reports suggest that the quality of harvested pecans is good, albeit with smaller-sized nuts. Growers in the Southeastern region are concluding their harvest, and Hurricane Idalia's aftermath has posed challenges. The anticipated crop volume is expected to be lighter than initially estimated, and there are reports of various quality issues.

Mexico pecan

The general quality and supply of pecan nuts in Mexico, particularly from native varieties, fell short of expectations. Elevated temperatures and inadequate rainfall have adversely affected both quantity and quality of the pecans.

The harvest season in Mexico has been delayed due to unusually high temperatures and late rains led to temporary halts in the harvesting process. It's approximated that around 50% of the crop in Chihuahua State has been harvested up to this point.

In other news

The anticipated drop in inshell pricing hasn't materialised as expected thus far. China has exceeded initial projections by acquiring a larger quantity of inshell from both Mexico and the US, partially driven by the limited South African crop. The continuous purchases have impacted the dynamics of the inshell market. The upcoming weeks are expected to bring more clarity to inshell pricing, subsequently influencing the pricing strategies of kernel market sellers.