Our partner from Thailand, Unity Foods shares there thoughts on dehydrated tropical fruits.....

Date: 14th May 2015 Category: Latest News
Our partner from Thailand, Unity Foods shares there thoughts on dehydrated tropical fruits.....


:- Pineapple; raw material today stay high in price. This crop season should be finished within June. Our production try to collect raw material in order to cope with demand during short season, July-September. New pineapple season will be start again in October.

:- Pineapple core will also have same effect. We still limit quantity order of pineapple core per container in order to make sure that we will be able to make our offer of pineapple core throughout the season till October. Price should be stable but slightly shortage may be seen.

:- Papaya natural red; season is now finished. Raw material price was higher during near end season with small quantity available. Expect our raw material should be able to cope with demand until new season start in October. Shortage may be seen if there is high demand than we expect.


:- Mango; season is available now until early June. Same quantity and price as per last year season. Please check and advise demand for special product i.e. Mango slice no sugar added, Mango slice with Juice, or Mango Cheeks as these items need to use fresh raw material and can only be produced during the season.


:- Cantaloupe; currently is low season. We manage to obtain lower price of raw material and can reduce our offer price of this item in order to be more competitive in 044the market.


:- Coconut; small crop with little higher price of raw material during this period due to hot season in Thailand. However, we will keep our offer price stable for this item unless there is more effect on the raw material which we will keep our customers informed.


:- Jackfruit, seasons is about to start in June. Due to small demand and the fruit is only available once a year. Please advise demand in advance in order us to reserve raw material for your orders.


:- Ginger; our raw material should be able to cope with demand just before new season start in late August if there is no high demand than we expect.


:- Guava;  We expect no shortage due to small demand for this item. Price fluctuation may be seen along the year depend on raw material price.


:- Rambutan, raw material is running low. Please check demand before confirm order. New season will be start in June.tropical2


:- Strawberry, new season from is now start and the crop will be last within June / early July. Offer price from supplier this year is the same level as last year, The first shipment from supplier to our factory should be during June. We will check and see the quality and will make offer price accordingly for new crop.


:- Peach, we reserve same quantity as last year. Stable price. Master contract should be considered in order to reserve raw material. New season will be in late July/August.


:- Kiwi, Apple and Pear season are finished. We reserve raw material with same quantity as last year. A little increase of raw material price.