Pine Nuts Market Update 02.09.2022

Date: 2nd September 2022 Category: Latest News
Pine Nuts Market Update 02.09.2022

The pine nut market has changed in the past couple of weeks.
Even though the news about the new crop was very depressing and arrivals were not expected in China before the end of October, finally, the first shipment of 750 MT has been shipped, and it’s due in China in the next 2 weeks.

The new crop material will be available for shipment at the beginning of October and should arrive in Europe latest at the beginning of December. The first arrival has all been bought by 3 factories, so the offers are still limited but in much better levels compared to the spot market.
A second lot of raw material is due in China in October, so by the end of October – the beginning of November, more material will be available, and prices will potentially be better.

Generally the new crop of Sibirica is a small crop but I believe it will be just about right to cover the demand. Due to Koraiensis crop being small and the arrival of raw material to China will be slow, the factories will be tight with stocks, and prices will remain on the higher side.