Pineapple Market Update 04.04.24

Date: 4th April 2024 Category: Latest News
Pineapple Market Update 04.04.24

The season for pineapple is normally available throughout the year, with two main pineapple peak crops in summer (March-June) and winter (September/October-January). Based on this we are now into the main summer crop, and we have seen very dried-out crops due to the less rainfall carried out from the last rainy season (Q3/2023). Most of the dams are still at a critical water level and the government needs to limit the water to get through the natural water lines in most areas.

At the beginning of the year, it was expected that pineapple farm production would be expanded, but the long lack of water is resulting in low output. The dry farmland has meant that pineapple fruits are still very small in size.

Current weather conditions aren't favourable, with temperatures hitting over 40°C this week. Based on reliable weather reports however, it's expected that El Nino will be over by June, and if the rainfall is back to normal by that time we could expect improvement in October at the earliest with delivery in November/December this year.

via Fruittara