Prunes: optimistic estimates 28.02.2023

Date: 28th February 2023 Category: Latest News
Prunes: optimistic estimates 28.02.2023

As the Chilean Prunes harvest approaches, more information has emerged regarding the 2023 season. According to industry sources, the Chilean prune industry is anticipating a significant increase in export volumes, with estimates ranging from 65 000 - 67 000 MT. This would represent a significant increase compared to last year's estimated export volume of 62,000 MT.


The quality of Chilean prunes is expected to be excellent, with good sizing and a high percentage of the exportable product. Additionally, industry experts are predicting that demand for Chilean prunes will remain strong in both traditional and emerging markets.


Despite the positive outlook for the Chilean prune industry, global supply remains a concern. Many major prune-producing regions around the world are experiencing lower yields due to weather-related issues and disease pressure, leading to lower overall supply. This has led to a tightening of the global prune market, which may support higher prices in the future.


As of now, initial pricing for Chilean prunes remains unchanged compared to last year. However, this may change as the season progresses, and the industry gains a clearer picture of global supply and demand. Stay tuned for further updates on the 2023 Chilean prune market.