Pumpkin Seed Market Update

Date: 30th July 2019 Category: Latest News
Pumpkin Seed Market Update

Pumpkin Seed

The total planted area of Shine Skin Pumpkin Seeds has been recorded as reduced by 20-30% in 2019.

However, due to good weather conditions in North East China there is a chance that the new crop production could be of similar quantities as the 2018 crop. Although this good news, the 2018 crop is almost finished, whereas this time in 2017 there was still a lot of crop left.

The China and US trade war has made the Chinese pumpkin seed business into the USA harder. The USA and Australia are still the main importer for Chinese pumpkin seeds, while now European market is quite slow.

Farmers have a higher expectation of this year’s crop, this has been supported through rumors that contractual price with farmers has been raised from 11RMB/kg to 13RMB/kg, which means about 300 USD higher compared with last years open price.

Facing this, it is expected that the open price for this years new crop pumpkin seed kernels should be around 3000-3300usd/mt FOB Dalian Port. Please note this is not for certain, indication only.


GWS pumpkin seed kernels

The planted area of GWS Pumpkin seeds has been heavily reduced in Asia, now in West Inner Mogolia, most of the lands are used for sunflower seeds and hempseeds, while in Xinjiang the lands are used for watermelon seeds and also sunflower seeds. It has been rumoured that farmers have lost interest in GWS Pumpkin seed due to the low price, and slow market in 2018. Now there is a lot of 2018 GWS material left in the market.