Pumpkin Seeds New Crop Update

Date: 21st August 2020 Category: Latest News
Pumpkin Seeds New Crop Update Picture 1076

New crop pumpkin seed is expect to arrive at the beginning of October, since the main origin of Xiniang is still closed due to COVID-19.

The cultivation areas of shine skin and GWS for 2020 crop was larger than that of last year, partially it's because the high price level for 2019 crop. However, reduction in Yield should be considered due to heavy rains experienced recently, the total amount is still expected to be larger than that of old crop.

Demand from abroad has declined significantly. This is in reaction to the biggest abroad market being USA seeing a significant decrease in demand. The price for new crop is expected to be lower than what it is now, mainly because of the slow market movement which has last for months, especially considering the influence from the Corona Virus situation in the next months.