Quinoa Market Report 29.05.24

Date: 29th May 2024 Category: Latest News
Quinoa Market Report 29.05.24

Crop Update from Peru and Bolivia

Shipments for June are now available from Peru, and with a new harvest started, volumes are increasing. Currently, the availability of Organic White Quinoa is limited and prices are still high. There could be a slight improvement a few weeks from now, but nothing immediate. Ongoing restrictions on Phosphoric Acid and Fosetyl are limiting the ability of organic products to be exported to the European market.

Bolivia's harvest is just beginning, and prices appear to be holding firm - perhaps even showing a slight improvement. It's quite likely that we'll see prices rising in the coming weeks with that continuing throughout the rest of the year. Several factors are contributing to this, but the main reason is due to the presence of fumigants in Peruvian Quinoa which is complicating the situation. With the harvest now taking place, both Bolivian and Peruvian producers have noticed a smaller crop yield this year. This limited supply of quinoa means that it's highly likely that prices will increase, and quite substantially too.

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